Don’t Drop Your Sword

"and take the sword of the spirit... which is the Word of God." Ephesians 6:17 One of the eternal truths I've learned from being mom to two boys is that there will be swords. There will be light-sabers. There will never be enough. It starts out early, with straws or crayons and just escalates from… Continue reading Don’t Drop Your Sword

things unseen

A White Stone and a New Name

"One of the things I find beautiful in the book of Revelation is when Jesus says, "To him who overcomes I will give a white stone and on that stone is a name known only to the person who receives it and to Me"¬†(2:17).The white stone signifies victory and could very well hint at purity.… Continue reading A White Stone and a New Name

Hearing and Obeying

Who Wouldn’t Choose Life?

This would be almost funny to me if it weren't true. I read in the news this week that this proposed "choose life" themed license plate was ruled unconstitutional in North Carolina because "the state doesn't currently offer an alternative for those who may disagree with supporting life".¬†That's right, there must be a countering license… Continue reading Who Wouldn’t Choose Life?

What Jesus Has Done

Where is Your Jesus?

I A few years back, we took a family trip to Germany with our then 4 year old son. We had lived there a few years earlier (before children) and were excited to go show him all our favorite places and introduce him to a new culture. I love Europe. My favorite thing to do… Continue reading Where is Your Jesus?


The Messages of January

Happy New Year! As much as I love the fun of the holidays, I always feel kind of refreshed when January rolls around. A new (mostly blank) calendar and a house free of Christmas nutcrackers does me good. A symbolic "do over" time for everyone, January holds a lot of possibility. We hit the ground… Continue reading The Messages of January