Forward and Free in the New Year!

"How the Lord takes by its corners This old world and shakes us forward and shakes us free..." Rich Mullins New Years is almost here! That lovely time when we can all do a "mental reset" and reorient ourselves a bit to wherever it is we think we are going. I saw no less that… Continue reading Forward and Free in the New Year!


A Teachable Spirit

From Andrew Murray, Daily Experience With God "Why is it that, with Christ as our teacher, there is so much failure and so little real growth in spiritual knowledge? Why is there so much hearing and reading of the Bible, so much profession of faith in it as our only rule of life, and yet… Continue reading A Teachable Spirit


A Tale of Two (cartoon) Shepherds…

I wrote this last Christmas season, and I have to say, I need to remind myself of this once again! God uses the humble. We all have a role to play!

Into the Foolishness of God


I absolutely adore watching ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ on TV each year. We have the DVD of course, but there’s just something about watching it in real time with commercials and all that really gets to me. I force, I mean ‘gather’ my boys to the TV with Christmas snacks and hot chocolate – they enjoy it, but I wonder for how long. I ask them if they’ll still watch this with me when they are teenagers, they promise they will.

It’s refreshing to see that after years of editing out the ‘overtly religious’ parts of the show, the network is now showing it (gasp!) in it’s original, unedited format.

My kids laugh their way through the same parts every year, my husband (though he may not admit it) sits down on the couch and joins us. I look on Twitter and see that “Charlie Brown Christmas” is trending –…

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