The Choice To Rejoice

“Christmas, in this age, doesn’t guarantee merry and bright. Not yet. But it does promise that merriness and brightness are breaking in. Christmas, at its best, gives us a peek of the uncompromised joy that is coming, and as we glimpse it, even from afar, we have a foretaste. Like the apostle Paul, and the… Continue reading The Choice To Rejoice


Fancy Christmas Anxiety

I saw this yesterday and laughed out loud. We like to fancy it up this time of year, don't we? The holidays have a way of magnifying and bringing to the surface all kinds of feelings that lie dormant the rest of the year. Totally irrational fears about ourselves? Check. Deep wounds from something that… Continue reading Fancy Christmas Anxiety


Leaving The Mall

I had to run an errand yesterday at the mall. Needless to say... it was not pleasant. The sheer number of people out on a Tuesday afternoon was baffling. I saw folks doing the 'grab and go' in stores, hoping that whatever gift they were hastily purchasing would suffice. One lady snatched up four big… Continue reading Leaving The Mall


These Three Things

  We are in the home stretch... Thanksgiving has come and gone and it's full-steam ahead to Christmas and a new year. I have no childhood recollection of how fast these few weeks go by, I simply remember enjoying two separate holidays that seemed to just magically happen to my great delight. Grown ups know… Continue reading These Three Things


Thieves of Liberty

"Where is the life we have lost in living? Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge? Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?" TS Eliot The Information Age. It's our blessing and our curse. I often joke I was born into the wrong era because I don't always love everything that… Continue reading Thieves of Liberty


Empty Wells

"Sir, give me this water, that I may not thirst, nor come here to draw." John 4:15 A friend sent me a book last week called Sipping Saltwater by Steve Hoppe, and I wanted to share a bit about it on here today. The title intrigued me a lot. If you've been to the ocean,… Continue reading Empty Wells


Those December Blahs

A friend and I were talking about the inexplicable "blahs" we feel this time of year. No real reason for it, just a kind of nostalgic sadness not tied to any circumstance. December brings a lot of weird messages in our culture, conflicting ones to say the least. We are supposed to be making magical,… Continue reading Those December Blahs


Keep Your Gifts

Happy post-Thanksgiving, pre-Christmas season! It's full speed ahead from here on out people, so hold on to your Santa hats. I've lost count of how many "simplify the season" Advent reading plans or books I've seen this week. It seems like every year the stores come out with more "stuff" to help us simplify. It's… Continue reading Keep Your Gifts


Shepherds and Christmas Queens

A 'reboot' of a post I wrote a few years back... I just love Linus.  I absolutely adore watching ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ on TV each year. We have the DVD of course, but there’s just something about watching it in real time with commercials and all that really gets to me. I force, I… Continue reading Shepherds and Christmas Queens

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Don’t Let The Hatchimal Spoil Christmas

  I hadn't heard of a Hatchimal until recently. The quirky little animal inside of an egg toy that apparently is all the rage this holiday season. They are of course, out of stock at the average store and causing families to lose their collective minds. Parents are writing fake I.O.U. letters from Santa to… Continue reading Don’t Let The Hatchimal Spoil Christmas