Shuddered Churches, Open Anarchy

Another weekend has passed, another Sunday, day one hundred and something since we were told to hunker down and stay out of church. Here in our neck of the woods, our church is still closed. Privately, we've gotten together with friends for some backyard worship, we've of course done things on our own in our… Continue reading Shuddered Churches, Open Anarchy


The Urgency of Opening

And the church just slips through the cracks again. Every week, I wait eagerly for the email from our pastor telling us that doors are finally going to open - its almost July after all, if anyone is keeping track. Each week, we receive another message explaining why we still can't gather... it's either logistically… Continue reading The Urgency of Opening


Rotten, Woke Fruit

I'm reading a lot lately about fruit... good fruit vs. bad fruit and how to discern the difference. It's rather straightforward in our Bibles, or at least I thought it was. The book of Luke tells us that good trees bear good fruit, and bad trees bear bad fruit (6:43). So how in the world… Continue reading Rotten, Woke Fruit


The Truth You Know

Those who fall into a pattern of hearing the truth without obeying the truth are in a dangerous position. The more light we have, the more accountable we are for how we live. To whom much is given, much will be required.John Piper So I see a few people announcing that they are joining in… Continue reading The Truth You Know


The Brains God Gave You

"My oldest son recently became a teenager and I attended a meeting for youth group parents at my church. The leaders said they’d be tackling a myriad of topics this year, ranging from respecting one’s parents to unpacking the transgender phenomenon permeating our local high schools. A parent asked, “What curriculum are you using?” The leader responded, “The… Continue reading The Brains God Gave You


Rejecting and Reinterpreting

"Oh be careful little eyes what you see... be careful little ears what you hear... be careful little hands what you do... be careful little feet where you go... be careful little mouth what you say... there's a Father up above and He's looking down in love... so be careful little eyes what you see..." … Continue reading Rejecting and Reinterpreting


Do Your Own Lifting

Been on a longer than anticipated break from writing, all the end of school/beginning of summer shenanagins had me spinning around faster than I'm used to. Wanted to jump back in by sharing a fantastic article by John MacArthur about how we discern, judge (is that a bad word now?), and rightly relate to Gods… Continue reading Do Your Own Lifting


Thieves of Liberty

"Where is the life we have lost in living? Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge? Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?" TS Eliot The Information Age. It's our blessing and our curse. I often joke I was born into the wrong era because I don't always love everything that… Continue reading Thieves of Liberty

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The Feelings Train Has Left The Station

  I love me a good 'satire-as-truth' article, so here's a little bit of reality-based humor from over at the Babylon Bee: SEATTLE, WA—After reading several chapters from the gospels over the weekend, local progressive believer Wendy Butler reportedly published a Patheos blog post in which she criticized Jesus of Nazareth for “not being very… Continue reading The Feelings Train Has Left The Station


sober silence

  "I want to to suggest that, at 41, if you still feel pressure from the culture to say something, then you’re probably not prepared for the hard cultural onslaught that is coming in the next two decades that will bring you to 61. For sober silence rather than self-indulgent promotion might just get us… Continue reading sober silence