🌟Did you know that you are not obligated (by kindness or Christian charity or compassion) to “wrestle” with passages of Scripture just because you know people who don’t want to obey them? Or even because you don’t want to obey them?! It’s true! Seeking to understand God’s Word is a good thing! Seeking to get... Continue Reading →

Questions and Answers

"The difficulty we modern Christians face is not misunderstanding the Bible, but persuading our untamed hearts to accept its plain instructions."AW Tozer This quote always gets me. Is God's Word difficult to understand? You could spend years intently studying it and never run out of things to learn. the Bible is complex, no doubt. Is... Continue Reading →

Don’t Complicate It

"There's nothing hard about the Word of God. It's so simple, you have to have somebody help you misunderstand it." Andrew Wommack I love this quote so much. We really do make it hard sometimes don't we? The Bible tells us that the Word is near to us (Romans 10:8) and that it gives understanding... Continue Reading →

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