The Winds of Persecution

But our goal as Christians should be to stay detached from the frantic demand that everything be ramped up into a frantic crisis. I distinguish here a real crisis from a frantic crisis. These frantic crises are the handles on the hand basket in which we are all being carted off to the Bad Place.… Continue reading The Winds of Persecution

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My Life is CAVU

Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited. "CAVU was the kind of weather we Navy pilots wanted when we were to fly off our carrier in the Pacific," he said. "We had little navigational instrumentation, so we wanted to CAVU, ceiling and visibility unlimited, and because of the five of you whose hugs I can still feel, whose… Continue reading My Life is CAVU

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The Results Are In… Now What?

It's been a week since the election, and we are still here! Praise indeed. It's been a draining week, an emotional week, and I for one have never felt such an acute ache for God's presence to just come and soak through every fiber of my being as I did these past seven days. We… Continue reading The Results Are In… Now What?