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Reading backwards through the Psalms this morning... does anyone else have that habit of flipping through a magazine from back to front? It probably means something weird psychologically, I don't know. I noticed some neat things when I read them from the bottom up: "The Lord will perfect that which concerns me." 138:8 "I have... Continue Reading →


¬† "When you adjust, you are dead. If you adjust, you are done. But if you dare to stand, the world will adjust to you. I can promise you that. Not all will adjust to you, but at least some will. We are not going to be sheep running over the precipice because other dumb... Continue Reading →

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Sheep: ¬†Surprisingly dim-witted, fearful creatures who, when left on their own, will wander into dangerous or precarious situations. Sheep Dog: Surprisingly brilliant, faithful, obedient servant whose sole purpose is to communicate the shepherds will to the sheep and carry it out. Shepherd: Benevolent overseer of both sheep dog and sheep, focused on leading all into... Continue Reading →

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