Wilderness Curriculum

Well, we have collectively flipped our calendars from March to April. I for one, was happy to toss old March into the trash can and be moving on to a new month, one that traditionally brings hope, renewal and happy memories. As I stared at a big, blank April, something annoying and unwanted popped into… Continue reading Wilderness Curriculum


Spring Will Come

“Now is a time to find Jesus, hope, cultivate faith, groan for redemption, wait, and carry light and color into dark. Because there will be a time when you will no longer be standing at the window, searching, feet on the heater grate, heart groaning out of the weight of winter. You will be outside,… Continue reading Spring Will Come

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Searching For Spring – And Finding It

March is a funny month, in like a lion, out like a lamb and all that... we here in Colorado enjoy warm days and blizzards all in one weekend at times. I'm a seasonal girl, I love the flow of one season to the next, and I get as excited for fall as I do… Continue reading Searching For Spring – And Finding It