Hustling Ourselves To Death

"Are we really this empty?" I find myself asking that question a lot lately. Check the trending headlines or your social media and you'll see it: we are a culture grasping at straws for the next thing to come and soothe us, define us, entertain us or empower us. If you aren't "hustling", you're not getting… Continue reading Hustling Ourselves To Death


Smoking in the Trenches

There's a really thoughtful article over at Sheologians this week discussing, among other things, how we use words and the importance of speaking Biblically. What does it mean to use Biblically sound words? Why is this important? We aren't talking about not cursing here, it's something fairly sneaky that's happening, and it's incredibly important. "And so, when you… Continue reading Smoking in the Trenches


Is Holiness A Turn-Off?

"As we study the holiness of God, we shall see in increasing clearness  how, like fire, it repels and attracts, how it combines into one His infinite distance and His infinite nearness. But the distance will be that which comes out first and most strongly. The sense of sin, of unfitness for God's presence, is the… Continue reading Is Holiness A Turn-Off?


All You Can Eat Buffet… Jesus Style

"Unless you are convinced that in the blood of Jesus when He died on the cross there was included, as a purchase of that blood, your right to a full, Spirit-filled life - unless you are convinced of that, unless you are convinced that it isn't an added, unusual, extra, deluxe something that you have… Continue reading All You Can Eat Buffet… Jesus Style


Sinner or Saint?

From "The Bondage Breaker, Youth Edition" by Neil Anderson and Dave Park. "Have you ever heard a Christian say, "I'm just a sinner saved by grace?" Have you referred to yourself that way? If you see yourself as a sinner, you probably will sin. What would you expect a sinner to do? There will be… Continue reading Sinner or Saint?


What Does Sovereign Really Mean?

"And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose." Romans 8:28 If you were to make a Top Ten list of most quoted Bible verses, I'm almost positive this beloved verse from Romans would be on it.  It's a comforting… Continue reading What Does Sovereign Really Mean?