Replace Purity Culture, But Don’t Replace Jesus

If you came of age in the late 1990's or were anywhere near an evangelical circle, then 21 year-old Joshua Harris' book I Kissed Dating Goodbye probably made it's way onto your bookshelf. The so-called 'purity movement' was born, and with it came some pretty high expectations and both good and bad theology. I distinctly … Continue reading Replace Purity Culture, But Don’t Replace Jesus

On Studying Well

Something I get asked fairly often is "how do I get to the point where I actually want to spend time in the Word and enjoy it?" My short answer is probably frustrating and redundant: "by spending more time in the Word." As Christians, we know that we are supposed to be familiar with what God says to us. We accept the authority the scriptures, their place in history and their effect on human events. Most of us … Continue reading On Studying Well