Done Deal


The past few weeks have been a roller coaster of ‘what if’s’ regarding a really exciting new chapter in our lives. We heard clearly from God about making a move to a new house and that it would be a blessing, but anything and everything has come up against that happening. Delays followed by flat out denials from the ‘powers that be’ that this would ever happen. Time to either stand on faith take it into our own hands.

If we don’t BELIEVE the Word, we will not ACT on the Word. So even though we may have knowledge of what Christ has said, if we don’t act on it in faith, it’s like a foundation of sand.  “Everyone who hears these Words of mine and does them… is a wise man who builds on a sure foundation.” Matthew 7:24

Will there be resistance? I can say that most definitely there will be! God is not playing games, His Word is unshakeable. Trials come for the sake of the Word! I love the parable in Mark 4 that talks about how the Word is sown; if it’s not firmly in the good soil, it’s going to be blown away, stolen. There comes a point when we must take the Words we hear and get them firmly planted in our heart.

Our new house was a promise and it will be a blessing. More importantly, we have learned something we will never forget. It was something I learned long ago, but only in my head. When God says it, it’s a done deal.

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