Real Feminists Choose Life

A quick note on the heart of this post; we all have our proverbial “hills” we are willing to die on. This new-wave feminism that holds such deep contempt for the sanctity of life is mine. I don’t write this to chastise or condemn. I write it because underneath all the fancy arguments and hashtags, we are faced with a single question: who and what do we choose? Life? Or death? Self? Or others? Forty years ago a young woman I never knew chose life over death, temporary affliction over instant gratification, and I am forever grateful. Those women are the true feminists in my eyes, they understood the easy way isn’t always the right way.

As I sat today checking my phone in a crowded indoor rec center full of screaming kids, I was reminded in no uncertain terms, that outside these little walls of suburbia a massive march was occurring, many marches in fact, embracing and promoting an agenda that claims to be a needed step forward for me as a woman and citizen of this country. I am reminded on my local news’ Facebook feed via live streaming and no less than four informational updates how I can join, support, or better understand what this march is about.

There was another march on Friday, going on it’s 45th year, that I heard much less about. In fact, my same local news site that is still at this moment re-running the live stream of today’s march, skipped covering the Friday march completely. I waited and scrolled, but nothing. You see, this march, the March For Life, had a much smaller manifesto, their goal being “a place to testify to the beauty of life and the dignity of each human person.”

It’s no coincidence or surprise these gatherings are held within a day of one another. It’s also not very surprising the way our media embraces one while shutting the other out. We can argue the points and counterpoints all day long, but I just want to pose the question… why? Why is vulgarity praised and morality mocked? Why is a message that claims to be “pro-women” so incredibly divisive, fragmented, and anti-woman?

The official guide to the Women’s March is no less than six pages long, detailing a vast array of demands and grievances in which it is declared that all women:

• “deserve to live full and healthy lives, free of all forms of violence against [their] bodies…”

• “have access to non-judgmental, comprehensive healthcare with no exceptions or limitations…”

Problematic perhaps? By “non-judgmental” healthcare what do they mean exactly? Abortion on demand? It sadly already exists. Demanding a judgment-free environment is a fascinating little addition. You are free to get your abortion, but how exactly do you require to never be judged on that action? I think all Planned Parenthood facilities are all too happy not to judge. “No exceptions or limitations.” What does that mean? This is human nature at its absolute worst. Free to do what we want without guilt, conscience or consequence. This march is not about equality in any way. This is about hyping a self-serving, God-hating, selfish ideology.

One march wants us to put ourselves first and the other says not so fast… The “me first” women are too busy fighting imagined outrages to see their actual fulfillment and worth lies in who they were created to be as women. I’m not saying we all have to be housewives. I’m saying we bear the very image of God and there is no shame in that. Make and female were created with equal worth, and we don’t accumulate more worth by destroying another life or degrading our own.

Christ calls us to surrender our lives in order to find our freedom and purpose (Matthew 16:24). He treated women with spectacular dignity. He acknowledged them (see here), healed them (see here) and He also held them accountable for their sinful actions (here) and lovingly directed them out of it. Sin has consequences, but Jesus gives us a way out of our sin.

Feminism, in its current state is poison to a woman’s soul. You can’t self-promote your way to happiness or equality. Aborting a life doesn’t make you more powerful or free. Life may be unfair, choices may be painful, but this “no exceptions, judgments or limitations” ideology is going to burn the whole house down. Men and women are created to be in unity, not split into eighty-nine self interest groups competing for special rights.

We are not created to obsess over where we are on the vast matrix of oppression. Spiraling outrage is not progress, it’s a descent into total chaos. Real feminists embrace what it means to be a woman. They understand their actions have consequences. They look to the Creator of life for validation and worth.

Life is life, it is valuable from beginning to end. If this is a new concept to you, I would say go to His Word. See what Jesus said to women. Read how He knew us before we were ever born (here) how we are created male and female all in His image (here).

If you want to be pro-woman, be pro-life. I don’t mean that simply the anti-abortion sense, I mean choose life as Christ offers it. Freedom from sin, guilt and shame. Confront evil when necessary, and dust off your feet and move on when you need to, because as we see, some are determined to go their own way.

Choose life. Value life. In every way, so that we don’t end up as CS Lewis warned, like this:

“We must picture hell as a state where everyone is perpetually concerned about his own dignity and advancement, where everyone has a grievance, and where everyone lives with the deadly serious passions of envy, self-importance, and resentment.”


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  1. Shara, both Mother Teresa and Pope John Paul II spoke of their grave concern over this culture of death that society is so busy embracing. Since both of their deaths–that growing trend to embrace death, along with an increasing desire for all things materialistic–
    as C.S. Lewis has been prophetic in his words! A lonely place in hell our culture is indeed creating!

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