Just Go Fishing

“The world seems to have a real genius for being wrong, even the educated world. I can see how a right man might live in a wrong world and not be affected by it except that the world will not let him alone. It wants to educate him. Society, being fluid, usually moves like the wind, going all out in one direction until the novelty wears off. Whatever people happen to be interested in at the moment must be accepted as normal… our highest ambition should be to become integrated to the mass, to lose our moral individuality as a whole.” AW Tozer  Culture

AW Tozer wrote here in this essay of just wanting to go fishing, but the world and its nonsense just wouldn’t leave him alone. I’m sure we all can relate. There are times I walk into a room and my husband is watching the news and I just walk right out… my brain just can’t handle it. It’s like Alice in Wonderland up in here, and everything is topsy-turvy.

As Christians, we are right people living in a wrong world. Not “right” because we win every argument and follow all the rules, but because we have a right standing with God through faith in Christ. And so we, like Tozer so boldly stated years ago, have a choice to make. We really just want to go fishing, but we know there’s no escaping this. We can join the ranks who, in their desperation to be relevant and needed, have bent to the cultural winds. They’re easy to spot, because they put themselves right there on center stage. You’ll hear their opinions on the patriarchy, and the need for a revolution of some sort. You’ll be told to be brave, until you’re supposed to be afraid. They’ll stir you up to make a change, but forget to give you any tools to work with. It’s like trying to make a meal out of stale crumbs.

We have to stay though, because we deserve better than that. We have to fight the good fight. Ditch the hot-takes and seek wise counsel. Our highest ambition should not be integration, but a holy separateness that draws people away from the crumbs and leads them to the feast.

On Election Day it’s so easy to be sucked into the whirlwind of opinion and emotion. The talking heads will shriek and aim to “educate” everyone who isn’t on their particular side. It’ll be exhausting to be sure, and we will all probably just want to go fishing. That fluid society will keep changing and demanding more, until we have totally sold out to it and have nothing left to give.

Psalms tells us what happens to those who keep on going their own direction: “their days He consumed in futility and their years in fear” (78:32).

Take a step back today and remember that we are called to wage good warfare: “That you may become blameless and harmless, children of God without fault in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, among whom you shine as lights in the world.” Philippians 2:15

On Election Day and every other day, we use our voice the best we know how, and return to the Rock that is our foundation. The whirlwind will settle and stir up again a hundred times, and will beg us to join it. Don’t give up your ground to it or feed on fear or pride. A sound and settled mind that returns each day to Christ is stronger than any army of opinions. Remember, the world has a real genius for being wrong.

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  1. You said: “Our highest ambition should not be integration, but a holy separateness that draws people away from the crumbs and leads them to the feast.”

    To that I say a hearty “Amen!” By the way, Tozer is one of my favorites. I especially liked what he wrote in 1946 and published in the Alliance Weekly, I think it was called then. The title of the writing is “The Old Cross and The New.” If you have not read it, I highly recommend it. You can google it and it should come right up.

    Thank you for what you shared here. God bless!

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