Unhappy Birthday Roe v. Wade!

Yesterday, our country celebrated the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his legacy of nonviolent activism. Today, many are celebrating the “birthday” of the Supreme Court’s legalization of abortion on demand. The irony of posting “happy birthday” to Roe v. Wade is lost on many it seems, but I digress. Regardless, we stand at 60 million abortions and counting since the decision 46 years ago.

Planned Parenthood made the rather bold move of equating MLK’s civil rights struggle with the struggle for reproductive “freedom”, a statement that prompted his niece to come out and say that making such claims on his birthday was “inhuman”. They were not alone, however, as story after story posted on mainstream media this week seem to agree:

  • Abortion is about freedom. Freedom to start a family on your own terms.
  • Jesus never mentioned abortion. The Bible never mentions abortion. You can oppose choice, but claiming it’s about Christianity is baseless.
  • Most Americans support reproductive justice and safe access to abortion.
  • Abortion helps ensure that every child is a wanted child.
  • Abortion is normal.

Several articles lament the devastating effects of what happens when women don’t get an abortion. We are told that this sacred right is under attack now more than ever. The New York Times ran a story telling us all to get better prepared and more aggressive, because abortion is still not easy enough for some women. They may have to drive a few hours to a clinic. They may miss the gestation ‘deadline’ in their state be “forced” to go through with their pregnancy. Not to fear, the New York assembly will vote today to legalize abortion up until the time of birth. The Mother Jones article referenced above reminds us that when women are “forced” into having a baby, they just can’t ever catch up financially to their fellow sisters who had access to this most empowering and lifesaving procedure. Un-ironically, they bemoan the devastating effects that will last for generations. They assure the reader that over time, women who have had abortions are just fine… their children however, really pay the price from the get-go and are set up for a life of hardship. Better to never be born than to suffer financial hardship or inconvenience.

Of course, no one speaks of the effects of a culture that makes women feel they have no choice but to choose an abortion. The “me first” society in which anything goes is never to blame. We’ve somehow equated being ’empowered’ with a most un-empowering act and called it freedom. Their tagline is “on demand, without apology.” 

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said recently that anyone who disagrees that there is a right to abortion is “not in line with where we are as a society.” 

I realize this is a topic that stretches far and wide with lasting consequences on both sides. Those staggering numbers are people’s actual lives, and as much as those parade signs implore me to be loud and proud about my body and my choice… I sink low with the heaviness of how we have created a culture so detached and so numb to anything outside ourselves and our immediate wants. I don’t sit up on a pedestal and judge women who have been through this. I ache for them to know the forgiveness and healing that only Jesus can give. But we have to surrender the empty propaganda and accept the truth of what this is really about.

The “shout your abortion” crowd calls their movement a triumph. Collectively, I think we know better than to go that far. The sacrifice they make to avoid a temporary or permanent change in lifestyle is a heavy one. Many do not regret it. Some do.

Forty-one years ago, a young woman carried me for nine months and then parted ways with me. Was it inconvenient? Yes. Was it humiliating, embarrassing and confusing? Yes. Was there a bigger picture for her to think about? Yes.

Time doesn’t make it go away. That beautiful woman still struggles. I have my little moments where the trauma rears its ugly head. When all is said and done, is she any more traumatized than the woman who chose an abortion all those years ago? I think not. As an adoptee, the lens through which I see all this is admittedly colored. But the excuses just don’t sit well with me. The frequency and ease with which this is happening should be distressing to everyone. Our self-centeredness is leading us to self-destruct.

So when a guy like Justin Trudeau has the nerve to preach to people like me with the weak argument that I’m wrong because I’m not marching lockstep with the rest of society, I take it as a compliment. History is littered with the masses making utterly tragic decisions thinking there is safety in numbers.

I realize that without a Biblical worldview, my arguments are useless. Sin wreaks havoc on the human condition, and a person without Christ can easily normalize sin. Abortion is never normal and it never will be. If our biggest fear is that we don’t have enough access to it, we need to re-examine why it is we are so thirsty for it in the first place.

The greatest human stories come from struggle. I am forever grateful that the woman who couldn’t take care of me at least had the conviction to see things through. I would argue that many women who were afraid of the consequences of having a baby have faced equally devastating consequences by not having one. Regardless, let us please instill the truth in our children and ourselves that life is never disposable. May we understand and accept that sin has consequences, but Jesus forgives and frees. He is able to take the mess we’ve created and make something good out of it. My entire life is a testimony to that truth, and if it changes just one person’s mind, if it leads just one person to the foot of the cross… it will be well worth it.

So un-happy birthday Roe v. Wade… you may be legal and even loved, but I will keep speaking up and speaking out against your disastrous consequences until you are no longer so high on that altar.

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  1. This goes with why I posted this a.m about not fitting into the world’s logic! I became very angry last night about abortion so angry that my anger took my husband a little by surprise! The anger of hearing that someone that had helped with an abortion realize that the very baby that was being MURDERED was actually fighting back- 😭😭😭😭😭 that made me cry in anger- not at the lost person having it but that our hard earned tax &’s goes to fund this murder- where is the outrage?? I just can not get over it! For some reason last night I TRULY could not contain the heartbreak- and anguish imagining that baby trying to fight back.- the pain that innocent child had to endure 😭😭😭😭

    1. Ha… no problem at all. That’s the whole point, we’ve tried to neatly package this horrific act and contain it under the guise of “rights” and “healthcare” and it’s anything but those things…

  2. Indeed Sharah—I have so much to echo on this…but given my latest state of affairs…
    I’ll save my wrath for a bit later when I’m 100%!!!

    I am adopted.
    Nearly 60 years ago.
    My birthmother parted ways with me the day I was born.
    She came to the hospital, delivered and walked right out of the hospital.
    She hid her pregnancy, and even as a nurse, sought no prenatal care.

    I know nothing else to the story.

    But what I do know is that she did carry me.
    And she “allowed” me to be born.
    She chose life.
    My life.

    I think of what would not have been had I not been born.

    You and I wouldn’t be having this conversation.
    I wouldn’t be waiting on the birth of my second grandchild …
    and of course, I wouldn’t be a red lobster now, would I?
    Eh Mr. Trudeau??

    Oh so much more to say!
    You go, my friend!!!

    1. Love this. Embrace your story because it’s an amazing one. It’s crazy to think about how their temporary sacrifices changed things. Think of all the ones who never had a chance. It’s why I have a short fuse for the selfishness that is so rampant today. I hope it doesn’t make me less compassionate… I think it just allows me to cut to the truth and hopefully be an example to people of the other side of the argument. Feel better friend!!

      1. Not less compassionate but greatly passionate…and this is a tragedy that needs passion.
        I’ll share with you what I’ve written.
        I read a great book about a year ago sent to me by a publisher reagarding the tale of a woman who story is one that must be told—I’ll find those links and send them to you…

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