Rebellious Songs

There’s a reason the enemy doesn’t want you to sing, and that’s because it glorifies God and it changes you. What you sing is what you reflect on. Singing is meditation. Singing is worship. Songs get “stuck” inside of you. Songs move you in one direction or the other. Worship is warfare. A singing people is a revived people. A singing people is a joyful people. A singing people go into battle well.

The honest truth is, you aren’t strong enough to not be singing. Your heart isn’t right enough for your lips to be still. You need Gospel renewal every day. You need a constant reminder that Jesus is King because five minutes after you finish your five minute devotional for the day, you might be living like you are a king.

Want a test of your attitude in any given situation? Here it is: Ask yourself if you can honestly sing the Doxology in response. If you can’t, you have some praying and repenting to do. The state of California knows this. Pagans in the Christian music scene know this. The Bible plainly tells us this. The world succeeds in getting all kinds of things moving on the internet because they deeply believe in their cause. Our cause is to glorify God, so let’s do it with fervor. Let us praise God loudly, boldly, unafraid of man, unbothered by sidelined Christians uninterested in the battle against the flesh. Sing praises to God, and fear not the gates of Hell.

Summer Jaeger
Elf movie, courtesy Pinterest

Wise words for trying times. I’d highly suggest reading the entire post, Summer hits the nail on the head in regards to the situation we find ourselves in. It’s time to remember whom we serve and just what the implications are of these new ‘regulations’.

I read a quote today from a pastor that said “Christian modesty is an act of rebellious sanity in a world bent on destroying women.” (Brian Sauvé). He’s speaking of the media’s double-standard toward women, promoting physical promiscuity/attractiveness while touting the need to respect the person on the inside. The phrase rebellious sanity really stuck with me. That’s what our worship is. I think we don’t always understand that though, as Christian mainstream music has been watered down to some of the lowest form of worship imaginable, focused on self and everything but God.

It can’t be more obvious that the enemy wants to silence the songs that flow from the mouths of believers. He knows, sometimes better than we do, the power in worship. In attacking the church, he aims not just for corporate worship, but individual hearts. He wants one to dry up so the other will struggle as well.

We have to turn it on and turn it up friends. It’s an act of rebellion towards this ugly world, an act of obedience as a believer. Crank it up in your kitchen, your car, on those fancy new iPods or whatever they’re called… sing out because the world will not. Sing out because you and everyone around you need to be battle-ready.

Speaking to one another with psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit. Sing and make music from your heart to the Lord, always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Ephesians 5:19-20

We don’t sing because we always feel happy, we sing because we know the God we serve is sovereign and good. We crave it, whether we know it or not.

What’s our role here? Maybe some of us need to step up and rally our church, our city, our community, our friends. Enough is enough. Stop worrying about the sidelined believers who are happy with the status quo. Perhaps some of us just need to start on a personal level and begin worshipping right where we are. The beauty of it is that as we engage, both personally and corporately, the very power of heaven is unleashed.

“Now unto Him who is able to strengthen you… be glory forevermore” (Romans 16:25). He is happy to give us His strength!

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