Our Cultural Moment

I came across a wonderful post on Instagram today from a solid Christian lady who is out there walking her talk. I just love that in a person, don’t you? This little post is an encouragement and a reminder that while we find ourselves in ridiculously ridiculous times, we who claim Christ have a joyful obligation to draw near to Him and be His vessels here in this ever-decaying place.

The death of Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg over the weekend has women all over the country praising her to the skies, mourning a trailblazer of epic proportions who did so very much for women everywhere. Crowds gathered outside the Supreme Court and sang John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ in glorious unison, which, if you know the song, is actually a perfect tribute for someone with the worldview she held. Intelligent no doubt, she used her position to fight for a way of life directly opposed to what the Bible calls good and true. The question goes out to Christian women: why do we revere those whose worldview tears down the Kingdom we claim to fight for? The traits in and of themselves are not enough. If you call yourself a Christian, you must advance in a way that benefits the kingdom of LIGHT and not that of darkness. Women are indeed powerful, but not in the way the world wants to shape us. We are best when obeying our Maker, not ourselves. In the end, we all answer for the life we lived, and most of all, if we accepted Christ’s free gift to us. Dying without Him is no light matter, it’s tragic. I sincerely hope the rumor that her dying wish was to not have Trump nominate a new justice is untrue. I pray her dying words were those of a repentant heart.

⭐️ “Christian women are a tremendous force for Kingdom building. We have the capacity to accomplish great and momentous things. But I think we have been using that force more for destructive work than for constructive. We have used it to usher New Age teaching into the hearts of churches. We have used it to raise up a generation of Christian women who think of themselves as the walking wounded instead of the forgiven and victorious.⠀

⭐️ We have sold our birthrights for a pot of worldliness. We have made the enemy’s spies our close consultants- listening to every word they tell us and getting too emotionally involved to say “no”. Who bought into the Rachel Hollis empire of lies? Us. Who invited Jen Hatmaker in to tell us what love is? Us. Who lets Beth Moore lead us out of obedience? Us. Who is more excited to talk about our own brokenness than the God who saved us? Us. Who can’t wait to dissect every personality on the monster flow chart of enneagrams but does not care to read God’s Word? Us.⠀

⭐️ We have been using all our strength to tear down our own houses like the foolish woman of Proverbs. We do not find holiness attractive, or piety cool. We do not long to be known for our good works because we think that would be self righteous. We do not seek to fill our posts with strength and honor and glory- no! Why? Because that sounds hard. We demand easy. ⠀

⭐️God has appointed this cultural moment to be happening, and He has appointed US to be the Christian women living through it. How will we rise to the occasions? How will we strengthen our children in the Lord? How will be be a great blessing to our husbands who are the men appointed to this same bizarre time? ⠀

⭐️ I’m not saying that I already know all the answers to how we will do this well. But I do know a couple things! For one, we need to be women who do not dabble in God’s Word so much as we are saturated in it. For two, I think it’s time we stopped with all the soul searching self reflective retreating and began a Gospel powered courageous ADVANCE.” Rachel Jankovic⠀

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  1. Love this post!! I am a doctor but set that aside for now to nurture and homeschool my children. God give us enormous strength to be humble enough for great achievements in His kingdom, the only one that really matters.❤

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